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MNATC Leverages Detroit’s Automotive Talent & Intellect

The newest American chapter of the $17.8 billion multi-national group Mahindra, the Mahindra North American Technical Center was established in Troy, MI in 2013 to leverage the automotive talent and intellect surrounding Detroit.

In building the MNATC team we placed a premium on experience―our veteran engineers have worked an average of 25 years at diverse and forward-thinking companies like Apple, Mercedes, Ford, Boeing, Tesla, Toyota and Gulfstream. This experience is the cornerstone of a distinctively open, entrepreneurial work environment that emphasizes creativity and collaborative vigor so that breakthrough ideas are realized with exceptional speed, efficiency and result.

Utilizing our full design-to-development facility, our team is empowered to take a holistic approach to platform, system and component engineering to ensure Mahindra vehicles are continually improving and getting to market faster. Poised for the future, MNATC today stands as a robust and agile agent of engineering―one that takes pride in knowing its work will soon be driven the world over.



Where We Come From

Featured Employee Profile

Head of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

What first led you down the path to automotive engineering?

A passion for cars since being a child (“Speed Racer!”) and a maternal grandfather who fostered my passion and encouraged the pursuit of my dream. I’ve drawn cars since a young age and was fortunate enough to be good at math and science.

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