Automotive heritage

A Heritage of Purpose

Our heritage is one of building purposeful, hard-working vehicles. At Mahindra, it’s always been grit over glamour; function over flash. Emphasizing integrity and practical innovation, we’re dedicated to developing vehicle platforms capable of withstanding the world’s toughest commutes. Simply put: Our goal is engineering vehicles to a global standard. The entirety of our insight and experience is put towards that end.

One of the first automakers granted the rights to manufacture the Willys jeep in 1947, Mahindra proudly began building the same jeeps that helped the allied forces to victory in World War II. The Willys, so relied upon by the U.S. military in Korea and Vietnam, also proved well-suited for negotiating the underdeveloped Indian landscape and infrastructure and soon became ubiquitous on and off roads across the country.

During the nearly 70 years since, Mahindra-made Willys have carried Popes and U.S. Presidents in celebration and delivered GI’s and peacekeepers to safety. Though its essence has remained unchanged, in 2010 we christened our Willys jeep “Thar,” believing the name to be a perfect embodiment of the vehicle’s character and toughness. Today, that toughness spans our entire automotive line, from the Scorpio and Bolero to our signature XUV5OO. We consider these to be not just vehicles, but emblems of our company’s ideology and spirit. Like Thar and every other vehicle we make, Mahindra is bold, resilient and undaunted by any obstacle in the road to progress.