MNATC Gives Mahindra a Motor City Presence

Mahindra North American Technical Center (MNATC), based in Troy, MI, is fast becoming a beacon for the design and engineering of rugged 21st century vehicles. The newest American chapter of the $17.8 billion, multi-national group Mahindra, MNATC fortifies and furthers Mahindra's global automotive aspirations through progressive engineering approaches.

Because a global perspective requires a global approach, MNATC works daily with our core engineering team at Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai, India, and is proud to be a key component of a Mahindra automotive network that includes Korean automaker Ssangyong and, most recently, the legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina. This entire global network works to realize a collective vision of one day seeing our family of vehicles on (and off) roads worldwide. Our collaborative spirit inspires everything Mahindra does, ensuring that the vehicles we’ve become known for always maintain the toughness to go anywhere and the style to look good doing it.

MNATC's team of veteran engineers have worked an average of 25 years for diverse and forward-thinking companies like Apple, Mercedes, Ford, Boeing, Tesla, Toyota, and Gulfstream.

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